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I Fight for That Check

I'm in the check cashing business.
-Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Just like anybody who stays in your corner during a boxing bout, we depend on your success during your legal claims and lawsuits.

Making sure you fight your very best fight with another lawyer, with the insurance adjuster, or in court - to maximize your earnings, assets, and recovery -  is our top priority

Don't Count the Days

make the days count.
-Muhammad Ali

The team at Krummel Law has a well established reputation for working extended hours, weekends, and holidays to meet urgent needs such as Cease and Desist letters and Federal Injunctions.  

Krummel Law pursues lawsuits, legal claims, and other miscellaneous services for businesses and consumers alike.

Everybody Has a Plan

until they get punched in the face.  -Mike Tyson

The firm's practice is exclusive to Texas, where most of the lawsuits and legal claims arise out of the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. Clients include small business owners, consumers, tenants, injured drivers, and assault victims.

If you're not sure what to do, who to sue, or whether you have a case, schedule a 15 minute consultation with an attorney


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We love our clients, so feel free to schedule a visit to our Dallas office to discuss your potential lawsuits or legal claims with a licensed lawyer .

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